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Distance education as a generic term used to define the field or distance learning is a mode of delivering education and instruction, often on an individual basis, to students who are not physically present in a traditional setting such as a classroom..
Although sometimes considered to be the poorer cousin of regular college programmes, distance learning comes as a blessing to students who want to study further while continuing with jobs or who might not be able to attend a full-time course for various reasons.

Advantages of Distance Learning

It's Flexible: - You can earn and study at the same time! Flexibility is the biggest advantage of distance learning courses. This stands true especially if you are a working professional. Not everyone has the luxury of taking their own time to finish their studies. For those who had to take a break from studies to start working, such courses are a boon and provide the opportunity to pursue higher education..
Saves Time & Energy: You save up a lot of time and energy on commuting. You can stay in Pune and pursue a course that is available in Bangalore. Or you might be based out of a remote village or town which does not have enough options for higher studies. Distance learning courses eliminate these obstacles.
Study at your own Pace: Not everyone has the same pace of learning. Some students pick up things fast, others need time to grasp a concept. One of the biggest advantages of distance learning is that you can study at a pace that is comfortable for you.
Saves Money: These courses are almost always cheaper as compared to their on-campus counter-parts. You also cut down on the costs incurred while commuting etc.
Convenient: You can submit your assignment with the click of a button or simply drop it off at a post-office! It’s sometimes as simple as that!
24X7 Access to Study Material & fellow Students: This is the best way to study if you are comfortable with internet and technology. You can access your study material online whenever you want and also clear doubts, exchange views and discuss with your virtual class-mates!
Study any Topic You Want: Since you‘d already have all your books/online study material with you, you can pick up any topic/chapter that interests you and tackle that first! This way your interest in the subject is sustained.


Accreditations & Recognitions

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University Grants Commission

Enacted by the Government of Rajasthan, is duly recognized by the Government of India of the University Grants Commission Act, 1956.

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Distance Education Bureau

NIMS University is recognized by the Distance Education Bureau(DEB), an UGC body that regulates all functions with regard to Distance Education programmes in higher education..

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Distance Education Council

NIMS University is recognized by the Distance Education Council(DEC), an apex body for the Open and Distance Learning (ODL) system in the country.

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NIMS DE Qualifies for Employment

Central Government, as an Employer, had made its position clear in respect of academic qualifications; acquired through distance mode of education, for the purpose of employment under it, vide Gazette Notification No.44 dated March 1, 1995.

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Distance Education Council (DEC)

NIMS University is recognized by the Distance Education Council(DEC), an apex body for the Open and Distance Learning (ODL) system in the country.

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EILLM is AIU Membership

The Governing council its 311 Meeting held on May 20,2012 at New Delhi consider the application for the grant of provisional membership of the Association of Indian UNIVERSITIES(AIU)


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NIMS UNIVERSITY is among the nation’s few technical universities, and its programmes in Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Business Management, Engineering, Nursing and Human sciences are well established and much sought after. With this broad range of educational and professional training opportunities, student diversity present a rich variety of cultural background and enhance integration in real terms. Starting from a modest beginning from National Institute of Medical Sciences to the establishment of Nims UNIVERSITY in 2008 speaks volumes of dedication, devotion and sacrifice on the part of the founder, Prof. (Dr.) Balvir S. Tomar our Chancellor.

  • University Grants Commission(UGC)
  • Ministry of HRD
  • Member of Association of Indian Universities (AIU)
  • Recognised by Distance Education Council (DEC)
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RKDF University established in the year 2012.Education is all about creating an environment of academic freedom, where bright minds meet, discover and learn. One would experience top of the world living and learning experience at RKDF Campus. Experienced faculty, flexible and dynamic curriculum, exciting research, and global connections are the features that set RKDF apart from other universities. Students have a wide choice of cutting edge programs. Most of these courses shall be offered in close collaboration with foreign universities. Over 60 top executives from leading corporate institutions constantly interact with faculty and students to help in formulating academics and research.

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EIILM constantly aspires to enable students acquire in-depth knowledge and specialized skills to manage change, increase effectiveness and efficiency in the organizational set up. EIILM helps realize your dreams and enhance potential for a successful career. Technology and instructors work together to provide a delivery system that meets high academic standards while ensuring the flexibility to meet each student's individual needs. EIILM University, Sikkim, India is fully recognized and approved by the University Grants Commission (UGC) and is established under Sikkim State Legislature Act No 4, 2006 Government of Sikkim.

    EIILM University is entering into a Academic Collaboration with the following reputed Universities:
  • Netherlands Institute of Ecology (NIOO-KNAW) / Wageningen University, Netherlands;
  • Sage Institution Chicago, USA;
  • Alabama State University, USA.
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