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Free Handwriting Analysis Session - Every Saturday/sanday

What is Graphology?
Graphology is the study of how an individuals handwriting indicates their character traits. This is based on the psychological concept of deviance. The way we learn to write in school is standard. School teachers teach their students to write in a uniform way. Nevertheless, we usually choose to deviate from how the teacher taught us. This is why every individual's handwriting reflects what is unique about them.
Requirements for a graphologist: Although a background in psychology is an advantage, simply, the desire to know what makes people tick is helpful. If you are privileged with the wish to help others with your talent, you are blessed.

What We Do?

Graphology Training

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Corporate Trainings

Graphology is not only a science but also it's a tool for employees to develop/change the attitude, behaviour and skills through a proper channel. Graphology has a number of applications in professional life and hence it is very useful for employees working in the corporate sector.

  • Applications of Graphology:
  • Personality Development
  • Understanding of Client nature
  • Developing Leadership qualities
  • Developing Position specific qualities
  • Developing Comprehensive skills
  • Developing Analytical skills
  • Developing Problem Solving skills
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Regular Training

we conducts Graphology training program at regular interval for each graphology level. Learning graphology has its own benefits in personal life too. Graphology helps a person to deal his life with a new vision.

  • Application of Graphology in Daily Life.:
  • Self-Improvement: Gain a better understanding of themselves.
  • Child Development.
  • Helps to know friends and family in a better way.
  • Career Selection.
  • can help an individual to discover the new and hidden talents.
  • It can provide an insight on relational difficulties at home, school or in the office.
  • A study of handwriting can give a clear understanding of the priorities that can help an individual to make right decisions for himself and his closed ones
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Area of expertise

  • Graphology Training.
  • Handwriting Analysis.
  • Graphotherapy.
  • Recruitment.
  • Questioned Document Verification(only suggestion).
  • Matrimony Compatibility.
  • Business Partner Compatibility.
  • Career Counselling
  • Handwriting and Healthg
  • Handwriting and Psychology


Handwriting Analysis is a technique that determines an individual's personality profile. "Handwriting is brain writing." It is generated from an impulse in the brain revealing character traits that are neither right nor wrong, just individual. Character traits translate into behaviours that show how you think, plan, organize, socialize, energize, make decisions, create, analyze, communicate, and much more. Through "trait identification", handwriting analysis can facilitate a better understanding and appreciation of self and others, resulting in more productive communication and interpersonal dynamics. You will learn about your own personality and the personality of others; how you are being perceived and how others perceive you; and finally, how you impact others and how they impact you.

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  • Provide a better understanding of yourself and what works best to meet your personal and professional potential.
  • Identify and increase confidence in your strengths and abilities.
  • Assist in identifying relational and career choices that are tailored to your style and needs.
  • Identify the learning style of a student or employee to maximize potential.
  • Identify stresses and methods to reduce stress and increase productivity.
  • Provide insight regarding relational difficulties at home, school or in the office.
  • Increase interpersonal dynamics by allowing greater appreciation of differences amongst individuals.
  • Assist individuals to relate more productively.
  • Direct energies towards greater performances.
  • Gain a better appreciation of self and others.
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  • What is Graphology?
  • The Slant
  • The Zones
  • The t bar
  • The i dot
  • Sensuality
  • The Base Line
  • Margins
  • Beginning and End Strokes
  • Connected and Disconnected Writing
  • Forms of Connection
  • Pressure
  • Loops
  • The Letters
  • The Signature
  • Health
  • How to Do an Analysis
  • The Writing on the Envelope
  • Graphology in a Nutshell
  • Section 2
  • Doodles
  • Matchmaking
  • Vocational Guidance
  • Kinetic Family Drawings
  • Relationship with Family
  • Trees

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For Individuals

You can get your handwriting analyzed as per your requirements.

Basic Personality Analysis: Basic analysis is about a person's character traits, nature and his behavior in Society. Analysis will be provide oral or in printed report format -as per demand.

Advance Personality Analysis: An Advance analysis of a personality involves (Basic Report + An area of concern ex: Relationship / Financial Aspects, etc.)

Complete Personality Analysis: A complete analysis report will be provide covering all major aspects of personality like, Health, Relationships, Finance with possible opportunities and threats in future

Complete Personality Analysis with Graphotherapy: Complete Personality Analysis with Graphotherapy to deal with problems through handwriting and time to time counseling will be provided to measure the improvement.

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For Business

We do provide Business Level Handwriting Analysis depending on involvement of a person in business

Short term Business Deal: An analysis will be provided when you are in doubt whether to go ahead with business deal with a person/firm or not. The analysis will be purely based on business approach of a person/firm. Report will be provided on Financial as well as business relationship aspects. Report will be confidential and will not be disclosed.

Long Term Business Partnership: An analysis will be provided after deep study of both the parties. The analysis will be purely based on the compatibility of both parties to each other and returns to them by their union. All the aspects of both business parties will be considered and a final report will be provided. Report will be confidential and will not be disclosed.

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For Students

For students we provide a Career Counseling handwriting analysis. Analysis will help parents and students to decide the career path.

Life Partner Compatibility: It always difficult to find a best suited life partner. We do provide analysis for matrimonial and life partner compatibility purpose. This analysis will be completely based on both partners handwriting samples.

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Get your Handwriting Analyzed

Graphology Course-Learn the easy way

What do you want to know about others? your boss? your friend? your spouse? your potential spouse? .

By analyzing their handwritings and signatures, you can decide whether to go ahead.
Who s the most anything?! Who is the most creative, considerate, broad-minded, loving, efficient, adventurous,
independent, loyal, generous? Who is the most whatever-you-want-to-know.
Will they or wont they? Will they: love you? lie to you? go to jail for you? be diplomatic? be giving?
give with strings attached?be patient? be determined? Which of your friends are most compatible with each other?

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team 1
team 1

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